Things Aren’t Always as They Seem

Tabitha Sharpe BHL

Ever bought a book but refused to read it right away because you wanted to feel exactly the way you do at that very moment? If you’re like me, you were in complete and utter shock once you finished it. Tabitha Sharpe another young author, takes us to Houston, Texas and gets us swept up in her characters lives with her book, “Behind Our Husbands Lies.” You can tell she really thinks outside the box when it comes to her writing, while still making it an interesting read. I was in total awe at the end inboxing Tabitha like, umm when is part 2 dropping? It was so crazy, I didn’t want it to end.

While reading I felt like I was listening to my girlfriends tell me some crazy stories during girls night. I love the fact that even though it’s told through the eyes of 4 characters, Brenda, Racheal, Tina, and Lisa, her supporting characters were just as developed. Sharpe kept the the momentum going throughout the entire book, making their personalities jump off the page.  The four friends think they’ve found the ultimate come up, good men with promising futures, but as time escapes them will their wedding vows be enough to hold them together or will they be amongst the things that could drive them apart?

Look at me not trying to give ya’ll no details. I’m sorry, Please don’t get me started ,I know I would just spoil it for you guys. There are so many twist and turns, I swear it will have you begging for more. All I can say is that this is a DEFINITE READ!

you know what?

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Tabitha Sharpe is a 23 year old young woman aspiring to entertain the world one book at time. She currently resides in Murfreesboro Tennessee where she enjoys writing, reading and extensive movie watching.


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