Things Aren’t Always as They Seem

Tabitha Sharpe BHL

Ever bought a book but refused to read it right away because you wanted to feel exactly the way you do at that very moment? If you’re like me, you were in complete and utter shock once you finished it. Tabitha Sharpe another young author, takes us to Houston, Texas and gets us swept up in her characters lives with her book, “Behind Our Husbands Lies.” You can tell she really thinks outside the box when it comes to her writing, while still making it an interesting read. I was in total awe at the end inboxing Tabitha like, umm when is part 2 dropping? It was so crazy, I didn’t want it to end.

While reading I felt like I was listening to my girlfriends tell me some crazy stories during girls night. I love the fact that even though it’s told through the eyes of 4 characters, Brenda, Racheal, Tina, and Lisa, her supporting characters were just as developed. Sharpe kept the the momentum going throughout the entire book, making their personalities jump off the page.  The four friends think they’ve found the ultimate come up, good men with promising futures, but as time escapes them will their wedding vows be enough to hold them together or will they be amongst the things that could drive them apart?

Look at me not trying to give ya’ll no details. I’m sorry, Please don’t get me started ,I know I would just spoil it for you guys. There are so many twist and turns, I swear it will have you begging for more. All I can say is that this is a DEFINITE READ!

you know what?

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Tabitha Sharpe is a 23 year old young woman aspiring to entertain the world one book at time. She currently resides in Murfreesboro Tennessee where she enjoys writing, reading and extensive movie watching.


I Bet You’d Wanna be Laced Too

Laced With Love

Set on the streets of North Carolina, Authoress Yasmine Davis tells a captivating story of love versus the street life with her latest novel ,”Laced With Love”. Prior to reading the story I’ll admit I was a bit ansy, because I have never read any of her books before. I’m a little picky when it comes to what i’m going to read, and I wanted to see where she would take me. So I agreed nonetheless to read and maybe review. I’m always down to read something new and her book synopsis sparked my curiosity. I love getting lost in a new book. The story and the characters just drew me in leaving me dazed when I finished, hoping for book 2 to be coming soon. You know that feeling you get after you been reading a book for hours and once you’re done, you’re just like what time is it? I had been reading the book all day and would have probably finished sooner if I didn’t take a few subtle breaks. And when I wasn’t reading I was thinking about it, trying to run back scenes I visualized in my head while reading. Its safe to say I really liked this book and I have definitely found a new author whose career I will be following. Its no wonder all  4 of Ms. Yasmine’s books receive 4 to 5 star ratings on amazon, she knows how to bring the heat.

Yasmine, the main character is also my favorite. She’s the true definition of  the statement, “when a hood girl turn around and be a good girl” in every sense of those words. Although Yasmine is in her younger 20’s she has created quite a life for herself without the help of her drug kingpin father. Then enters Shakur, the hardworking thug she thinks is made just for her. For the past 3 years they have been through love and war. But the fact of the matter is, the question still remains will their love be strong enough to withstand anything? As you read this book you’re hoping that every step changes them for better not worse.


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Yasmine Davis

Yasmine Davis is a nineteen years old urban romance novelist signed to Tiece Presents, born in Newark, New Jersey but raised in Greenville, North Carolina. She always had a passion for reading and writing.

Earlier this year, Yasmine  penned her first series starting with “Handcuffed To My Heart”, before continuing with 2 more additions.  You can expect to have many novels to come from this young pen pusher in the near future. Yasmine likes to keep her focus on the quality not the quantity as she continues to bring that fire.


“If it wasn’t for writing I honestly don’t think I would be able to live my life to the fullest, writing makes me feel loved and give my readers and fans something to love. It gives love,hope, courage, and strength. I’m very much in love in writing and reading. Every since I could pick up a pen, writing has been my passion.”– Yasmine Davis

It’s something that I enjoy to do, I do it because I love, adore, and breathe it. Writing is a passion of mine that I don’t think anyone or anything could ever stop me from doing it. I would describe myself as intriguing, however others like to call me “Written Jurnee” also spelled “Written Journey”– Yasmine Davis


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Wendy Williams can write?


Hold up, how come nobody told me that Mrs. ‘How you doin’ can write? This is the first book that I have read by her and let me tell you I was quite surprised. When I picked it up at my local bookoff for only $5, I was hoping that she wouldn’t make me wish I would’ve saved my little coins. But I once I started and finished it within 2 days, I knew the “Queen of Media”, was definitely a fitting name for the author of 7 books, radio personality, and talk show host Wendy Williams.

The book is centered around the main character Kimberly kind, a beautiful woman who had gained much success as a lawyer. The story follows her in the quest to maintain control of her life, love and integrity with all the distractions of her family issues, from her mother being addicted to drugs to her love stricken boss who can’t let go. Her world begins to change  when the estranged drug dealer King enters her life causing her to make choices that could be detrimental to her career and love life. In the end, who will she choose her boss and job, King or herself.

Overall, it was a good read. I would recommend it to people who like to read chic-lit or fiction. For those of you looking for some really steamy, smoking hot sex scenes and that true “urban fiction” type of feel this isn’t the book for you. I mean come on, the book is about a young working- class woman who gets caught up with who is supposed to be the typical bad boy King, opposed to the clingy, egotistical yet successful district attorney boss that will do anything to keep her near. Of course there are other supporting characters like her friends and her twin brother, who can’t seem to have his own life figured out because he’s just as messed up as her. One thing you have to remember is that this story is really Kim’s. She’s giving you an insight to that time of her life no matter how vague it may seem. But what I will say is that I was really disappointed and lost when I got to the end, but only because I wanted more. I wanted to know what happens next and that maybe there probably should have been a sequel to this one sorry Wendy, How You doin?



 Wendy Williams is the host of The Wendy Williams Show and The Wendy Williams Experience, her top-rated daily radio show. Her books include the New York Times bestseller The Wendy Williams Experience, and she writes a weekly column for Life & Style magazine.

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Welcome to NoturAvrgeStoryTime

Welcome to My  Blog!

My name is Brittanie aka NoturAvrgeBritt, and im 26. Welcome to NoturAvrgeStoryTime. This was initially was supposed to be just a book blog because I am an avid reader of African American fiction/ non-fiction, but i’m a writer as well. I mean I sometimes find myself infused with the lives of the characters. When I’m reading it feels as though I’m intoxicated with these stories.Sometimes I wonder if there were other people who liked to read or write were. I always wished I had somebody I could talk to about books and some of my favorite authors. I’ve been trying to figure out what I was truly passionate about for a minute now. And let me tell you it hasn’t always been straight and arrow, but i had to think back to my childhood and see what kept me afloat all those years. When I was younger, I was the kid that would be the one left in the library on school library field trips,because I was ducked off in an aisle or corner engulfed into a book not paying attention. As I got older, life somehow got away from me and I felt like I had lost myself trying to please others too many times. In the midst of all of that,whenever I got the urge to getaway I would often be found or leaving local libraries and bookstores. Come to think of it libraries, and bookstores have always been like my safe haven. It was like being apart of a secret clubhouse where I could sit for hours read, write and use my computer and its normal, where i felt normal. My 7th grade english teacher was the one that introduced me to writers such as Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison, and Dr. Maya Angelou. After that I would find myself attracted to books written by African American authors and writers. One day I had a thought you can do that one day, and began writing a collection of journals with poems, lyrics and short stories. I was the girl that would pull out a journal or composition book and start writing in the middle of class. Having to write my spelling words in sentences always became a 2 page story getting me lots of extra credit in my school age years.  But I never really paid attention to to these interest until college.  So here I am ending 2015 starting my first blog where i will be talking about my favorite things, reading and writing. I’m working on my first urban fiction manuscript, and wanted somewhere I could talk about how I get  through the process as well. My blog will feature book reviews, hauls, and posting about books, including pictures and articles written by African Americans that struck me enough to start a conversation with you guys.

I noticed that there was a need for black blogs in general in my search for examples that showcased & talked about books by black authors and writers. So here I am leading by example, here to fill that void.  Yea Me!